Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Day ... New OCD

In my previous posts I have failed to mention two other items with which I am OCD about, but they are under the same main topic - Gambling. Yes, I am a sinner and I love to gamble (don't mind a Coors Light with that while I throw some dice). I have recently rekindled my love of horse racing - spending endless hours lately reading, studying, trying to find that perfect technique to handicap a race - still working on that. In fact, last Saturday my wife and I ran off to Vegas for the weekend, just the two of us, for some fun. I spent the entire flight (3 hours) and about 2 hours in the hotel room once we got there to handicap one horse track on Saturday. We did ok ... From there it was on to Craps. It has been about 3 or 4 months since I have played. I now know why - addiction. (What is that gamblers anonymous phone # again????) I have played long enough now to learn a few important rules that I seem to forget every time I play.

1. Never play drunk or with drunk dice throwers - trust me, this will fuck you up. A bit tipsy is ok, drunk - nope!
2. Play in a place where people can really throw dice (Bellagio, Caesar's, Wynn), not at the Barbary Coast, UNLESS you can throw the dice and you bet heavy on yourself, just not on the others.

Just wanted to share my new OCD's items ... stay tuned for the Vegas trip posting - it was entertaining!


At 2:22 PM, Blogger EmmaAnderson said...

The day before she had herself called out in rebuke to the cook (who, moreover, also appears in the dream): Behave yourself properly ; I don't know that --that is, I don't know this kind of behavior; I won't have it.. , have made to the study of the unconscious, contributions which have brought that study into fields which Freud himself never dreamt of invading.. I reckon a ho -tel man's got a right to rent his hull house ary minute.. William, said he, how long have you had this horse? About two years, said Mr.. It is not at first easy to form an opinion as to the extent of the condensation; the more deeply you go into the analysis, the more deeply you are impressed by it.. This he did till the water covered him, and she could only see his head bobbing up and down near the surface.. A thousand pardons--for--er--having kept a lady waiting--er! But--er--congratulations of friends--and--er--courtesy due to them--er--interfered with--though perhaps only heightened--by procrastination--pleasure of--ha! And the Colonel completed his sentence with a gallant wave of his fat but white and well-kept hand.. I shall therefore cite some examples of dreams which I have gathered from children.. She took Dennis in training all that afternoon, instructed him in fashionable conversation, cautioned him against the temptations of the supper-table--and at nine in the evening he drove us all down in the carryall.. I vish you may go to de devil yourself you dem yankee-doo-dell, and I vill go and drown myself, tout de suite , right avay.. I know men who would buy out half the house to have their personality put on the stage so the public would recognize it.. It makes me avaricious and selfish by continuously reminding me of my debt.. BELMONT VAN KAMP, DEAR SIR: This is to notify you that I have rented the entire Tutt House for the ensuing week, and am compelled to assume possession of the three second-floor front rooms.. There is one thing I have forgotten to show you, said the Superintendent, the cell for the confinement of violent and unmanageable Punsters.. Then it burst from his lips: Well, bless me! if I didn't bring Balaam and forgit the mule! The woman laughed till her eyes ran water.. Brede, leaning on Mr.. To explain this dream as a wish is easy when we remember that to be big is a frequently expressed wish of all children.. These ever active and, as it were, immortal wishes from the unconscious recall the legendary Titans who from time immemorial have borne the ponderous mountains which were once rolled upon them by the victorious gods, and which even now quiver from time to time from the convulsions of their mighty limbs; I say that these wishes found in the repression are of themselves of an infantile origin, as we have learned from the psychological investigation of the neuroses.. The rental of a small house which they still owned in Mobile was two months in arrears.. And how about the value of the dream for a knowledge of the future? That, of course, we cannot consider...


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