Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Must Have OCD ...

Last night the only thing I can think of, is that I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). OCD defined is But the site defines an obsessive threat as a 'Spike'. I do not have spikes, except in my hair. My wife tells me I have OCD as well - here is my diagnosis of myself.

1. I can never leave the house without making sure the garage is closed, I have even circled around the block to make sure it is closed. Odd, yes I know and I am told that several times a week from my family.

2. Everything that I try and I want to know more about - I must read obsessively about those things. I read everything from books, I-net postings, blogs, and magazines to learn more about the subject. Right now my interests are (and reason for them) as follows:
  • VBA Programming - I am not a programmer by trade, but I do work in an IT shop as a Director. (NO, not a typical computer geek - more about that in some later blog). A friend, whom I will call Dr B, asked me to import a simple file and do some calculations in a spreadsheet - simple enough, right? Wrong - the file has over 1500 columns, and if you know anything about that, that is a pain in the ass to import. In doing this simple task, I have have probably read about 200 + websites, 3 books, and consulted with friends on the matter - things are not as easy as they appear.
  • Salt Water Fishing - Mainly billfish (Marlin, Sailfish, Dolphin). Went on a simple Cancun trip with the family two weeks ago, decided to take them deep sea fishing for Blue Marlin. None of them have ever been - so I thought it would be fun (and so did they - until we were 20 miles out to sea, again - in a later blog). I ended up being the only one fishing - caught several Bonita Tuna and one huge Mahi Mahi (~35 lbs). Now I am addicted. I can not wait to get back in the water!! I am currently reading two magazines on the subject and thinking of a way to ask my wife to go to Cabo San Lucas with me in October for the Billfish tournament.
  • Golf - OMG, I never thought I would ever want to golf. I have tried a few times in College, everyone I know does, but not me - never. I guess things change, or I have more time on my hands. Last weekend, I was on a driving range with my stepson (8 - he loves golf) having fun hitting the shit out of balls (golf). I used my wife's clubs, but she said no one would ever know. That was on Saturday morning, so Saturday afternoon we went to about 3 places looking for golf clubs for me. Sunday AM, back to the driving range - whack, whack, whack. I can not wait to hit some more ... I need my own clubs though. My only downfall is that I want the best - maybe this time I will listen to my wife and just buy a beginners set. Might avoid me from having a set of Big Bertha's collecting dust in the garage in two months.
  • Blogging. The reason you are reading this is because of all of the insightful blogs I have read in my quest for knowledge in things that are on my mind. There are some smart people out there - my wife is one of them - I love her to death!

Enough ranting for the day, however, one new addiction that I need to explore - check out - this is the clothing line that Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) has some designs in - I might need to pick up a shirt or two.



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